Dutch is not required

Dutch is not required is a website containing multiple Dutch companies where Dutch, as a language, is not required.
We supply tourists and expats with English speaking companies, so that you can find your way around Amsterdam.

Dutch is not required started after the founder ‘Kelly’, planned a business trip to Amsterdam, to view some of the offices there to rent.

In order to do so, Kelly had to find a laywer that could speak English to help her find the best place for their expansion to Amsterdam. Seeing as there really wasn’t an easy way to find one, she had to go through all of the ones she could find. She ended up with Huurrecht Advocaat Amsterdam, a new founded company with a few English speakers.

After talking with the owner of this new lawyer firm they together decided to set up Dutch is not required and help out any other tourist/expat coming to Amsterdam.

A few of the lawyers were asked if they knew any other companies that wanted to co-operate, which they did. The first one on the website of Dutch is not required was a plastic surgery company, called Plastische Chirurgie Amsterdam.

They were located in a huge officebuilding near the Amsterdam Rai, with multiple other healthcare-like companies. Their neighbour was a dentist, whom mainly focussed on implants. Implantaten Amsterdam was their name. They were very keen on joining in on the project and showcasing their company on the website ‘Dutch is not required’.

After visiting a few more companies in the building such as AEX and Schiphol Amsterdam, the only other one meeting the English speaking requirement was an eye lasering company called Ooglaseren Amsterdam.

So the first few companies were found, but a website was still to be made. The search for a webdesign company, with english speaking employees started. This seemed to be a lot easier as the other companies, as most of the webdesigners are younger, schooled people. We are pleased to announce, dutch is not required will be made by Webdesign Mokum.

As it happened, in the same office building as the other companies, a new officeroom was emptied, which was immediately rented for the upcoming year.

Dutch is not required became a bit of a side job of course, but the officeroom was incredible. There was still a lot of work to be done though, so the help of a few new Dutch is not required companies was needed.

We want to thank:
Klusbedrijf Amsterdam
Timmerman Amsterdam
Electricien Amsterdam
Rijschool Amsterdam
We are very grateful for all the hard work and time these companies have put in to our office and we are very pleased with the result.

Dutch is not required is at this moment still in progress of finalising, but we are set to go in a few months.

At the meantime you can find more information about Amsterdam on the Amsterdam website. Want to find out more about the city with a personal guide? Visit the Amsterdam Tour website of the Special Tours Nederland company, also for your Bachelor of Bachelorette party in Amsterdam or a so called vrijgezellenfeest